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Taka Hirano : CEO and President

With over 18 years of business success for foreign startup companies in the technology industry, Taka Hirano is a Japan entry accelerator with a proven track record. Taka served various overseas companies, where he led the development and implementation of a new corporate strategy in Japan that substantially improved revenue from zero to multi-million as building the company from scratch in Japan as the first and only one staff of the Japan branch. Taka archived double revenue for most of overseas companies at least such as Scopus, Verimatrix, StarBurst Communications, Adero, Dialpad and others. Before, he also successfully $3.5 million in raising money from Japanese companies such as Sony Music, Hitachi Cable and others. He also developed all of business plan/moedl for investor candidates. He was responsible for all financial communications, too. Earlier, he received the president's award and sales award of Olivetti Japan.

Makoto Ide : Chief Financial Officer

As CFO of Beare, Makoto Ide(L.T.A : Licensed Tax Accountant) is responsible for all financial and accounting functions.Prior to Beare, Makoto provided early-stage technology and retails companies with a wide range of financial consulting services, including financial planning, analysis, financial reporting, and accounting staffing.Makoto served as Tax Accountant was instrumental in building all finance and accounting functions from the ground up.During his tenure, he successfully provided the overall direction for all finance, legal, banking, leasing and investor relations activities.He was also responsible for all financial communications with the board of directors, outside investors and executive management.

Shige Sato : Vice President of International Sales

As Vice President of International Sales, Shige Sato is responsible for driving execution for foreign companies. Prior to joining Beare, Shige held Japan Country Manager positions at Envivio and nCube Corporation consecutively for total of 11 years. He started the local operations for both companies and built teams and channels to develop business which grew from zero revenue to multi-million dollars during his services. Shige brings in an extensive experience and knowledge about Japan's multimedia and network industry. His customers included major OEMs, carriers, broadcasters, ISPs, and cable operators. Shige holds bachelor's degree in Business majoring in Marketing from Washington State University.

Dae Surh, Ph.D. : Advisory Board

As Advisory Board of Beare, Dr. Surh has more than 30 years of experience as engineering and system architect and has been involved in numerous start-up companies over the last 12 years.Dr. Surh received the prime minister's award in Korea for his contributions to the optimization of Posco's facility plan. Additionally, Dr.Surh has helped start numerous companies including VerimatrixInc. headquartered in San Diego, California.Dr. Surh presided as the company's chairman during its formative years. Since 1979, Dr.Surh has been designing sophisticated software systems for the well-known Korean steel manufacturing company named Posco & other major companies including Samsung Electronics. He also was a founder and first president of Korea computer simulation society. Dr. Surh joined Ross Cooper to found Verimatrix and capture the first contracts and also assisted Siemens in major founding round.

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