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About Japan

General Information
Area 377,873 km2(874.4/sq mi)
Population 127,590,000
GDP 4,356 trillion (2nd)

About Tokyo


Metro & Railway
Ticket price of almost every Japanese railway transportation is depends on distance you travel.
So before you buy a ticket with vending machine, you check how much it cost to your destination.

If you use train/subway often during you stay in Tokyo, we recommend you to buy Prepaid
Transportion card. You don't have to buy ticket each time you use train/subway.

There is two types of Prepaid Transportation card. One is named "Suica" (issued by Japan
Railway (JR)company), and the other is "Pasmo" (issued by alliance of private railway company).
There is almost no difference. Suica is available with Tokyo Metro or other private railway transportation,
and Pasmo is available with JR.

You may buy Prepaid Transportation card at primary station and charge with vending machine at every station.

-Jorudan (Train Route Finder)
-Railway Lines in Tokyo and its Suburbs

Every taxis in Japan use meters. In Tokyo, it cost 710yen for first 5km and every 288m cost 90yen.
At night (past 23:00) usually charged 20% more.
The doors of taxis are automated. Passangers don't have to open/close the door.
Usulaly taxi drivers don't speak English. So we recommend you to bring address or map to indicate where to go.

NUMBERS About Tokyo

Subway Lines in Tokyo...... 13
Ginza, Marunouchi, Hibiya, Tozai, Chiyoda, Yurakucho, hanzomon, Nanboku, Fukutoshin, Asakusa, Mita, Shinjuku, Oedo.
Beside these 13, there are 12 Japan Railway lines and 27 Private Railway company lines in 23 wards.

About Tokyo

About Japan Business

Will be soon.

Amazing in Japan

Vending Machine
You find veding machine every corner in Tokyo. Most of them sell drink can. Not only coke,
but also coffee-can, tea-can, sports drink-can etc...
Some of vending machines sell cigarett. But today it's a bit difficult to buy cigarett with vending
machine. You need an ID card which is specialized to buy cigarett vending machine, called "Taspo".
Usually short-time-stayer cannot achieve this card.
Forget about it. You can buy cigarett anytime at convenience store.

Stay in Tokyo -Popular Hotels Among Business Person

Conrad Tokyo (Shimbashi)
Mandarin Oriental Tokyo (Nihonbashi)
Peninsula Tokyo (Yurakucho)
Shangri-La Hotel Tokyo (Marunouchi)
Hyatt Regency (Shinjuku)
Park Hyatt Tokyo (Shinjuku)
Grnad Hyatt (Roppongi)

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