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Who is our CEO? ~About Taka Hirano~

Taka Hirano
My passion is to help our customers become more successful than they ever dreamed possible.
Taka Hirano~

As President of the world's only sales-oriented Japan business entry agency specializing in foreign companies, Taka Hirano is uniquely qualified to help you easy-quick entry into Japan market, generate and increase revenue more than ever in Japan.

"Since 1997, I've devoted every working hour helping overseas companies, especially understand the difference of Japanese business culture and western thinking. My company, Beare Consulting, Inc. is the result of that passion. We give our ambitious clients the knowledge that attracts their customers."

Now you can tap into a knowledge base created from experienced both domestic and foreign companies.

"I love speaking, educating and feeling different culture. It's fun, it's an adrenaline rush, and the best part is the satisfaction I get from being able to help business professionals attract the clients they want."

"My dream was become president when I was a kid. I decided to become sales man. My first job after graduate university, Olivetti Japan was with a nationally recognized sales training company like IBM and Xerox. I worked hard and achieved top sales. I wanted to learn the marketing strategy next. One of my customers was an excutive VP of Microsoft Japan at that time. I asked him how to succeed in business field. His answer was "establish new company". Then he gave me an opportunity to establish new company. But he didn't promise a salary. I did consider whether I do or not. I did think "I can get a lot of business technique and marketing strategy on the job training. I've experienced a lot of important procedure like developping business plan and financial plan, creating documents for investors, negotiation with investors and other stakeholders. That was everything for business. Finally we succeed at raising money 3.5 million dollars and establishing the company. (This company is DirectInternet Corporation. Please see Experience) I learned a lot from this experiences. And this company utilized innovative US technology, so I had to do every business with people from US. Then I've understood a lot of differences in Japanese business culture and US business culture. I've struggled to bridge the communication gaps between Japanese business culture and foreign business culture.

From then on, I strongly would like to contribute my experience of bridging the culture gaps to everyone. This is a story how I established my company. Again, I hope " Beare " with us!!

Who We Are

Beare Consulting,Inc. is the market leader in Japan market entry business, and the provider of the widest suite of services for foreign companies. Beare understands the Japanese way of doing business on one side and knows how to work with international companies on the other side. Beare has achieved successes with numerous overseas companies, including vendors of hardware, software, appliance, service provider and others. Founded in 1997, Beare is a privately held company headquartered in Tokyo, Japan.

What We Do

Beare Consulting accelerate your business in Japan. Our service consists of local market assessment, creating Japan entry plan, developing appropriate partner and channel management. We eliminate business culture gaps and pitfalls, and reduces total Japan market entry costs and time. A typical overseas company working with us can expect to eliminate up to 60% of time and cost without complexity associated with Japanese business culture.

The Origin of the Company Name

Our company name is Beare Consulting, Inc. " "originates from the Italian language. It means" Make Happy" in English. We extremely hope our client will "Beare" with us .

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