Beare Consulting is a Global leader for Japan market entry.
With years of experience and numerous of satisfied customers worldwide.

Our Mission

Our passion is to help our customers become more successful than they ever dreamed possible.

Beare Consulting,Inc. is the market leader in Japan market entry business, and the provider of the widest suite of services for foreign companies. Beare understands the Japanese way of doing business on one side and knows how to work with international companies on the other side.

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Our Service

From the 4 main service, you can mix and match the ones that you need depending on your requirements. Beare’s goal is to ensure Clients a successful penetration into the Japanese Market.

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Optional Service

We offer additional services to further enhance your Japan entry strategies. With Beare’s Optional Services you can further ensure success with your Japan entry.

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It’s time to learn how to entry into Japan market! There is the strategic pitfalls of doing business in Japan. Our CEO Taka will speak about Japan business culture for you with his over 27 years experience of Japan entry service for non-Japanese company.

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