Our ATFP* is less than three months and all of experiences are including partner management in order to drive sales. Only local staff can do that. Beare is Japanese firm for foreign start-up companies.
(ATFP* : Average Time to Find Partner)

  • Seabery

    🇪🇸Seabery is a Spanish AR (Augmented Reality) technology company that current product Soldamatic is AR welding simulator which is the first, best and only solution in the world with AR technology. Soldamatic Augmented Training Solution, is implemented in more than 80 countries with HyperReal-SimTM technology and has been awarded as The Best Augmented Reality Application in education at the Auggie Awards (Silicon Valley, California) as it proposes a new paradigm in the world of traditional vocational training. Seabery was chosen as BEST SPANISH SME OF THE YEAR 2021.

    ・Built the company from scratch in Japan as the first and only one man without Japan office.
    ・Built the GTM for Japan market based on agreed with Seabery HQ.
    ・Developed new official distributor who is welding specialized legacy company.
    ・Executed channel partner sales training for east side of Japan over 60 sales people.
    ・Partnering with Japanese robotic companies.
    ・Closed new enduser customers including one of the biggest steel manufacture company in the world, the biggest construction machinery company in Japan and others.
    ・Closed new service which is customization welding coupon as the first customer in Japan.
    ・Advised and joined the interview of full time employee of the regional manger for Japan.

    As a result of actions, the company decided to expand its operations in Japan, and the company decided to hire full time regional manager in stead of our business development service.

  • Sceenic

    🇬🇧Sceenic's award winning Watch Together white-label solution (SDKs & APIs), power the best co-watching experiences for BT Sport, NPO, T-Mobile, PCCW Hong Kong Telecom, Telefonica, YES Network amongst others.
    ・GTM/Marketing/Sales/Business Development activity for the market investigation.
    ・Got the Japanese prospect customer insight as local businessman with Telco/OTT targets customers.

  • Caton

    🇸🇬Caton Technology is a Singapore IP video contribution/distribution solution and platform company that provides all over the world. Caton is not only provides technology but also video service which called CVP(Caton Video Platform) in the highest quality, distribute video and move data over any IP network faster and more securely enabling new deployment possibilities while reducing costs.

    ・Ran the Japanese business.
    ・Business development activity in Tokyo.
    ・Developed new additional partner for the short time.
    ・Channel management activity (Sales training with over 20 sales partner sales).
    ・Telco customer product/solution/demo training with 20 people.
    ・Lead the success the show at new partner InterBee booth.

    As a result of actions, the company decided to expand its operations in Japan, and the company decided to hire full time sales management in stead of our business development service.

  • Vayyar

    🇮🇱Vayyar Imaging Ltd. is an Israeli semiconductor company that produces 4D imaging radar sensors. Vayyar’s Radar-on-Chip technology is now used in a number of other sectors including automotive, senior care, retail, smart home and commercial property.

    ・Investigated local Japanese elders care market map.
    ・Developed new partner for new vertical segment of Vayyar Japan business.
    ・Business development with Japanese home appliance companies as smart home segments.

  • Axolotl

    🇸🇬Axolotl creates and manufactures authentic surfaces including metal, concrete, terracotta, stone and glass that are unbound by traditional material limitations. For more than 28 years we have never rested in our quest to continue to amaze and inspire, expanding our range of surfaces to include glass, concrete, timber, terracotta, terrazzo, solid surface, stone and paint. Committed to ever evolving, we are constantly developing the range of products we offer and introducing new technologies and new aesthetics that meet the increasingly diverse needs of our customers. The Axolotl name is synonymous with technological innovation and state-of-the-art design. We are at the forefront of our game and we are dedicated to providing the best quality and most innovative surfaces for international markets.

    ・Business Development Japan from start to accounts hand-over to Axolotl global team.
    ・Built the go-to-market for Japan market in agreement with Axolotl leadership team.
    ・Developed one of the biggest music instrument (piano) company and one of the biggest water and housing products company in Japan.
    ・Sales activity with various architecture and design companies for hotel, restaurant, and private homes projects all over Japan.


    🇮🇱TEXEL is a cloud-based video. Engagement Cloud™️, enables streaming services to offer an individualized, multi-feed, highly-social, interactive viewing experience across all devices. (Texel was acquired by @DAZN in November 2021)

    ・Business development activity in Japan.
    ・Introduce company and the technology, localized presentation materials.
    ・Multiple business development meetings with leading streaming services in Japan.
    ・Proof of context with 2nd biggest DTH operator in Japan.

  • Skelter Labs

    🇰🇷Skelter Labs is an artificial intelligence (AI) technology company developing innovative machine intelligence technology that is designed to enhance the quality of the users’ daily. Especially their the natural language understanding (NLU) technology uses machine learning to understand the structure and meaning of text, and extracts and classifies the information it contains to detect the context of a conversation.

    ・Built the company from scratch in Japan as the first and only one staff of the Japan branch.
    ・Built the GoToMarket strategy.
    ・Business development activity.
    ・Helped the exhibition in Japan.

  • SeaChange

    🇺🇸SeaChange International (NASDAQ: SEAC) is a trusted provider of streaming video services, cable TV broadcast platforms and advanced advertising insertion technology. The company partners with operators, broadcasters and content owners worldwide to help them deliver the highest quality video experience to consumers.

    ・Built the company from scratch in Japan as the first and only one staff of the Japan branch.
    ・Reestablished the company within the Japanese market and engaged with ex customers and prospecting customers.
    ・Lead sales, business development and go-to-market strategy in Japan.
    ・Reestablished official partner in Japan and managed and enhanced strategic partnership.
    ・Resurrected constructive dialog with ex-customers and new prospects including NTT group companies. ・Won NTT DoCoMo Pacific Guam advertising system deal

  • Sizer

    🇮🇱Sizer Technologies offers powerful, convenient, and friendly body measurement and sizing data solutions, empowering fashion and workwear companies, to leverage valuable sizing-data, improving their, value chain, product offering and service. Using just the front-end camera of any smartphone or tablet, Sizer’s patented body measuring platform captures a user’s body measurements with extreme accuracy, by applying a proprietary combination of computer vision, deep-learning computer algorithms and artificial intelligence, and then delivers a personalized size recommendation tailored to fit the consumer’s needs.

    ・Built the company from scratch in Japan as the first and only one staff of the Japan branch.
    ・Developed targeted account who was one of the biggest fashion retail compnay very quickly.
    ・Developed a reseller in Japan.
    ・Leaded and successes trail at two real shops in Tokyo (Shibuya shop and Ikebukuro shop) of the biggest fashion retail company in Japan.

  • Giraffic

    🇮🇱Giraffic Inc. is the market leader in client side Multimedia Software Acceleration, with the mission to enable device manufacturers and OTT content providers to offer their customers with an engaging and enjoyable viewing of their favorite online content, overcoming Internet congestion challenges. Selected by Industry leaders such as Samsung for its high-performing, easy-to integrate solution, Giraffic technology is already deployed on over 50 million consumer devices in more than 100 countries and has proven to accelerate streaming by 3X on average, reduce re-buffering by 10X, and boost download speeds by 5X.

    ・Built the company from scratch in Japan as the first and only one staff of the Japan branch.
    ・Developed Japanese TV manufacturing companies including SONY, Sharp and TOSHIBA.
    ・Leaded POC with SONY and supported both Giraffic side and Sony side.

  • Radyoos

    🇮🇱Radyoos Mediais a Radware Group company and a leader in the over-the-top (OTT) monetization services market, develops innovative solutions that enable CSPs to generate new revenue streams. Radyoos’s win-win offerings are supported by behavioral analytics, enabling personalized, in-context, and real-time offerings supplied by our 27k+ e-commerce and content partners. Our fully-managed and hosted e2e solutions, which CSPs brand and tailor to their subscribers, provide users with the services they seek. In the process, they transform revenue-depleting media/data consumption into services that benefit subscribers and increase loyalty, increase purchases and downloads for our partners, and generate new revenues for CSPs.

    ・Developed the biggest Japanese Internet affiliate company who is A8 to build the Jollywallet business in Japan that is browser base cash back service.
    ・Connected JW system and Japanese Internet affiliate company system to support all communication between Israel to Japanese Internet affiliate company.
    ・Archived with over 3,000 EC web sites in Japan connected to Jollywallet system.

  • Artemis

    🇺🇸Artemis International has reinvented the way project management is implemented. The only true end-to-end project management provider, Artemis offers a complete solution from time tracking to global planning, bid and acquisitions, through completion and project delivery. With over 600,000 users worldwide and a global network covering 45 countries, Artemis International Solutions Corporation is a leader in large-scale project & program performance solutions where investment management and cost control are of paramount importance. Artemis has over 30 years'​ experience helping companies execute critical and complex projects on time, on budget and on value.

    ・Ran the Japanese office, staffing the team, building the expertise and creating the infrastructure for Japan.
    ・Reestablished the company within the Japanese market. Engaged with customers, uncovering critical issues and enterprise opportunities. Landed several significant upgrades including strategic relationship with one of worlds largest auto manufacturers.
    ・Implemented companies policies within the Japanese market. Allowing company to run the business profitably and according to global plans.
    ・Outsourced Japan operation.

  • Verimatrix

    🇺🇸Verimatrix provides DRM(Digital Right Management) who has been authorized by Hollywood studios. The target customer in Japan was IPTV.

    ・Built the company from scratch in Japan as the first and only one staff of the Japan branch.
    ・Responsible for all Sales, Business development, Marketing and Operations of the Japan branch.
    ・Developed and established customers/new partners and support pre-sales/post activity.
    ・Developed eco system partners such as video server vendor, IP STB vendors and middleware vendors.
    ・Supported the porting work for STB vender
    ・Successes for taking off the business in Japan market. Got 70% Japan IPTV market in those days.
    ・Won over 300,000STB license for new hospitaly IPTV service “Leoplalace21” deal with local partner.
    ・Developed new logo including NTT West, Itochu, OKI, NEO, NTT holding company R&D, CTC, Cisco Japan and others.
    ・Recruited new distributor partnership with CTC(Itochu Techno-Solutions Corporation).
    ・Supported for NTT Communications project, NTT West/Itochu (On-DemandTV) project, Leoparace21 project including embedded into STB such as Sumitomo and Korean STB vendors. Built and managed the relationship with video server, STB, middleware vendors and Cisco Japan.

  • NXP Software

    🇫🇷 NXP Software is the leading audio enhancement software vendor for smart devices. Its LifeVibes software is deployed on over 3 billion devices today.

    ・Built the company from scratch in Japan as the first and only one staff of the Japan branch.
    ・Promoted the NXP Software Quickplayer solution and identify business opportunities including video service providers.
    ・Developed new reseller in Japan very quickly.
    ・Got 30,000 batch license PO.

  • Pico Digital

    🇺🇸 Pico Digital Inc. provides unique comprehensive customer solutions in the broadband, satellite, cable and broadcast markets. We provided local market investigation service about Japan TV market including digital terrestrial/broadcasters, BS(Broadcasting Satellite), CS(Communication Satellite), IPTV, cables and hospitality market. And also we researched Japan standardization and its differentiation between ARIB, DVB and ATSC. Finally we provided end-user segmentations report, corrected local competitive landscape, gathered off-the record market information and customer’s voices with analyzed and major trend in Japan.

  • Scopus Video Networks

    🇮🇱Scopus Video Networks provides comprehensive digital video networking solutions include intelligent video gateways(MUX and IP/ASI/QPSK-gateway), encoders, decoders, modulator and network management products(NMS). Harmonic acquired Scopus in December 2008. Performed market assessment, tripled revenue at 1st year with the biggest shopping channel, established additional distributors with Sanshin Electronics and ForA. Executed sales training, actual sales and developed new customers including enterprise(BusinessTV application), satellite operators(such as SkyPerfecJSAT group) , broadcasters and Telco. Plus, supported post-sales activity with HQ engineers.

  • RFCode

    🇺🇸RFCode Inc. provides active RFID system as the leading company active RFID market. Their target industry environments including IT, healthcare, defense, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, transportation and homeland security. We signed the sales and marketing consultation agreement with 🇯🇵MKI (Mitsui Knowledge Industry: Tokyo Stock Exchange 2665). They were RFCode distributor. We helped MKI's RFCode business such as created promotion plan, supported communication with RFcode HQ and also sold over 10 universities including Tokyo University, Sharp.

  • Dialpad Communications

    🇺🇸Dialpad Communications Inc. offered a variety of plans for calling any number from PC (softphone) and from a regular phone plugged into an adapter. Dialpad was founded as 🇰🇷Serome Technology(The fastest IPO Company at KOSDAQ.) in 1996 by Dr. Hyunduk Ahn. In 1999, the company changed its name to Dialpad.com and began to offer the first free, Java-based softphone service. It was the world first pc to pc and pc to phone software(VoIP). Assisted to establish subsidiary in Japan and started to operate Dialed service in Japan. Dialpad was acquired by Yahoo! In June 2005, in order to expand its product offerings in the VoIP marketplace.

    As Japan subsidiary co-founder, duties and responsibilities included:
    ・Developed Japan business plan. (financial plan, marketing plan and sales plan)
    ・Negotiated with Dialpad US HQ and Serome** in Korea who was main investor of Dialpad US.
    ・Executed establishment Japan subsidiary.
    ・An article was carried by Nikkei and other newspapers.

  • Dialpad Japan

    🇯🇵Dialpad Japan KK offered the pc2phone/pc2pc as only one VoIP service provider in those days for both B2B and B2C VoIP calling service based on Dialpad Communication”s platform.

    Duties and responsibilities included:
    ・Developed ISP partners who is the biggest ISP in Japan, NEC/BIGLOBE and K-Opticom who is parents company of Kansai Electric Power company and others.
    ・Achieved stable revenue with developed partners.
    ・Executed and created product marketing, pricing strategy and partnership value chain strategy.
    ・Managed VoIP service launch smoothly.
    ・Managed around twenty people after establish subsidiary
    *Dialpad: Dialpad and Dialpad Japan (DPJ) provided Dialpad group was acquired by Yahoo! in 2005.

  • Digital Fountain

    🇺🇸Digital Fountain who experts in broadcast and real-time data transport, Digital Fountain software optimizes the delivery of digital media over any network. We signed the agreement with 🇯🇵NRI(Nomura Research Institute : Tokyo Stock Exchange Prime Market 4307) who is the biggest system integrator in Japan. They were distributor of Digital Fountain. We offered sales and marketing consulting service such as Market Assessment including Competitive Landscape, Developed Pricing Strategy and Sales Training. Moreover, executed actual sales activity for 2nd biggest cell phone company.

    ・NRI was distributor of Digital Fountain Inc. (US company)
    ・Developed restructuring for more efficient distribution strategy including actual sales activity.
    ・Created pricing and sales strategy.
    ・Executed sales training.
    ・Sales targeted was mobile carrier such as KDDI.

  • Adero

    🇺🇸 Adero was a venture-founded, global CDN (Content Distribution Network) service provider. Launched by NETWORKWORLD magazine as one of the top network vendors to watch in 2000. There were two CDN companies in the world at that time both Akamai and Adero in the market. CDN company Adero supplied content management and distribution, and revenue sharing and billing service to create a more efficient internet experience for e-business and end users. Developed first reseller partnership with NVC and implemented sales & marketing activity.

    ・Adero was a service provider of the second largest CDN service provider in the world at the time. The targets are Telco, ISP, and system integrator.
    ・Built the company from scratch in Japan as the first and only one staff of the Japan branch.
    ・Responsible for all sales and marketing, business development, and operations of the Japan branch.
    ・Developed such new partners as Telco and system integrators.
    ・Devised and executed Japan strategies.
    ・Executed local press tours with partners.
    ・Assisted the demonstration tours to headquarters in Boston.
    ・Closed the GAP between the headquarters and domestic businesses.

  • StarBurst

    🇺🇸StarBurst Communications(StarBurst Software) only a company provided non-real time one to many multicast content distribution software (OminiCast) in those days. It was the world first non real time multicast software. Executed distributor CTC sales training, end user sales activity with distributor's sales. As result, got the biggest car company in the world for Kisok system. In addition to, identified and negotiated new additional distributor (Hitachi-IT). Then, monitored and managed both existing and new additional distributors. StarBurst was acquired by Adero Inc.

    ・Built the company from scratch in Japan as the first and only one staff of the Japan branch.
    ・Responsible for all sales and marketing, business development and operations of the Japan branch.
    ・Executed sales action to end-user by presenting value and key selling points.
    ・Supported pre-sales activity with partner’s sales and conducted sales training.
    ・Presented at seminar (over 300 attended) with CTC’s CEO and Cisco Japan CTO.
    ・Build-up global partners relationship with Cisco Japan, Tivoli, Hughes network systems, IBM, RadWare and others.
    ・Created presentation materials and proposals to clients/partners, conducted pre-sales activity.
    ・Accompanied sales action at partners to customers.
    ・Reported to the headquarters with frequency.
    ・Closed the GAP between the headquarters and domestic businesses.
    ・Achieved more than doubled the sales.
    ・Established the company’s presence in the market.
    ・Expanded existing partner (Itochu Techno Solutions) business.
    ・Developed new additional partner (Hitachi).
    ・Won TOYOTA multimedia kiosk terminal projectS (Contents delivery to multimedia kiosk system).
    ・Conducted a joint promotion with such global partners.

  • Direct Internet Corporation

    🇯🇵Direct Internet Corporation provided "satellite internet service” across Asia and Oceania area by using 🇺🇸 HNS(Hughes Network System) DirecPC technology. This service was very unique and attracted attention in those days. Our CEO was co-founder of this company. Was able to raised 3.5M USD by Sony Music Entertainment, Hitachi Cable, Japan Telecom (SoftBank) and others and An article was carried by Nikkei news paper and others. After established, executed product marketing, marketing communications, built up the franchisee strategy for overseas Telco and executed actual overseas sales activity in 🇦🇺Australia(Telstra), 🇲🇾Malaysia(Telecom Malaysia), 🇹🇼Taiwan, 🇸🇬Singapore(SingTel) and 🇮🇩Indonesia. Moreover, implemented sales training for domestic partners across Japan.

    ・Raised $3.5M in capital. (Sony Music Entertainment, Hitachi Cable and others)
    ・Nikkei newspaper, Nikkei Business and others introduced the article at top page.
    ・Established overseas Telco partners in Asia including Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia.
    ・Developed for domestic 20 distributors across Japan and presented sales and technical training.

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