Creative Service

Web Design/Development Service

The Web has gone from optional to must-have. We help you design a site for Japan with our know-how that is NOT about fancy graphics, but about meeting your strategic goals. Whether you need online applications and functionality or a powerful lead-generation tool, our Web specialists give you an Internet resource that works and looks great. Beare® has helped over 40 firms to build their Japanese Websites.

Our offerings include

1) Linguistics and expression specialist to most accurately and effectively “transform” your English messages into messages that match the Japanese society.

2) Japanese Web site SEO implementation specialist to optimize your page-views. (You need different set of know-how for the Japanese SEO.)

3) Beare® native Japanese staff to handle inquiries and leads from the Web visitors.

4) Continuous and timely updating of the Web site with the news release and media appearance topics.

5) Multi viewing device support. (Not only PC but STB, TV, iPhone, smart-phones, and PDA terminals. and others)

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