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Roadshow Service

Beare will conduct Roadshows with your targeted customers according to the following plan:

A) Prepare Japanese Sales Material
Translate sales and technical documents
-Data Sheet
-Company Profile

B) List up target customers
Research the market and investigate key player in the market in order to find target customers.

C) List up potential partners
Find appropriate partners.

D) Assess local competitors' information
Investigate local competitors' products and business in order to have deep insight to Japanese market.

E) Pre-Meeting with target customers and potential partners
Visit target customers and potential partners in order to introduce you and gather information.
After this Pre-meeting, we feed back to you Customer and Partner information.

F) Arrange the appointment with target customers for "Roadshow"

G) Arrange the appointment with potential partners for "Roadshow"

H) Execution Roadshow
We visit together with you Roadshow and interpret during the meeting.

I) Roadshow Period
The Schedule of Roadshow shall be determined by the end of term of this agreement based on mutual agreement. 3 months

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