Local Market Assessment Service

Everyone knows the importance of thorough Local Market Assessment before entering any foreign market. We all agree that one can benefit from a good Market Assessment in many ways. A good Market Assessment usually reveals local competitive landscape where there could be services and products that are only offered in the local market which might be your biggest competition eventually. A good Market Assessment may also reveal local government regulations that are unique to the country as well as local specific “standards” that your services and products must comply with to even start the business. A good Market Assessment may lead to information which gives you tips on how you can differentiate your offerings against your competitions.

At Beare, we too agree on the importance of Local Market Assessment. Therefore, we offer our clients a full fledged “Market Assessment Service”. However, there is one thing that makes Beare offerings a little bit different from that of other marketing research firms. It is the SPEED.

Because Beare deeply believes in “actions” and we believe sometimes “first to market” is more effective in business than “perfect plans”, we offer our clients a set of “Market Assessment Service” which compile data in a very a short span of time.

Our ATGM* is less than 1 month. During this 1 month, we do not visit libraries or bookstores for data or we do not surf the Web for information, instead we walk and talk with the people we know in the industry for fresh live hands-on materials and compile data. We can do this because we have over 14 years of experience in the IT industry and we know a lot of people.

Other research and consultation firms take months to compile date and additional months to prepare reports. Do not repeat the mistakes that your predecessors has committed. They have paid the price for your lesson. Come to Beare and ask us what the market looks like for your service/product. We will come back in less than 1 month and give you a hands-on data which would probably be much more in both quantity and quality than what you may obtain in the first 12 month of being here in Japan on your own. Have a head start with Beare.

ATGM* : Average Time to Gather Market Data

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